We would never have been able to visit so much so quickly without the insightful, knowledgeable and experienced team at Spontago. 

They provided us not only with a detailed daily itinerary with important historical information, but also fun facts and entertainment suggestions (restaurants, rooftop cocktails). There were additional options to add if we had time or energy.

Definitely recommend their service to maximize your experience, loved it.

Caroline Carter Guyot, micro-group travel to Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Rila Monastery, Koprivshtitsa) in 2018

 When my colleague brought up the idea going to Caucasus on our own, I was skeptic.

What an experience! Without the Spontago Travel Expert, I would have never thought of going underground at the main square, to find a hidden Kiev hip Restaurant.

In Baku the dinner in old Hammam, nowadays quasi-museum is unforgettable for me. Spontago found out that the Azerbaijan National Football Team was playing, so we went and got the true local experience!

Without Spontago, I would have not thought of driving from Tbilisi to Yerevan with a private driver, who stops at any point worth a second, telling insight stories about Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

I was not the one into individual tourism, always looking for group tour. After my trip with Spontago I realized what “travel deeper” means.

I wish I can adjust my time to travel with Spontago again to hit the off the beaten track. I now understand that travel experience and detailed organization can make the difference and enhance the adventure.



Milan Paras, 2017, micro-group travel to Kiev, Baku, Tblisi, Yerevan 

4 day tailor-made travel!! just too good to be true…

It was an amazing 4 day plan which Spontago Travel Expert thought each and every detail for us… We asked for local places and flexibility to adjust our plan if needed which was done at ease by Spontago .


Dr. Guven-Gures, micro-group travel, Riga & Vilnius in 2017

Spontago organized our two trips to Adrasan in 2016 and 2017, one to Bursa in 2017, one to London in 2017 and one to Berlin in 2015.

It was an amazing experience.

Great tips, time savers and most important of all, money savers! Budget friendly, kid friendly recommendations. Filling out the form before our trip so they can tailor all recommendations for us was a breeze


Beyza - Steve Kozak, 2017, family trip to Adrasan in 2016 and 2017, Bursa in 2017, London in 2017, Berlin in 2015

 We knew the Spontago Travel Experts before and heard of their expertise in Turkey. We asked them to organize for us: far from all inclusive, far from catering foreign tourism. But something with a local touch, to get to know the country much better.

They designed a road trip for us starting in Istanbul and then continuing to the coastline of Antalya and then to Cappadocia.

In Adrasan, a small seaside village 1,5 hours to Antalya, we stayed in a small boutique hotel, right a waterfront one, with beautiful views of the bay. From there they accompanied us for a day tour around the area, Phaselis, Olimpos and Çıralı. They insisted on a boat tour to a small island with white stone beach and emerald green sea. Some of the most clear waters we have seen. After Adrasan, visiting Cappadocia, fallowing Spontago's itinerary we got a great deal with a local car company and stayed in one of the sugested cave hotels.

Having a structured plan  made it easy for us just to follow rather than to focus on the planning. We felt like we could enjoy the vacation more intensely. 


Eric Dilbeck, micro-group travel and travel itinerary to Istanbul, Antalya coastline - Adrasan, Phaselis, Olimpos, Çıralı and Cappadocia in 2016

As we wanted a small, flexible group with a travel expert to help us we got into contact with Spontago. Everything was perfectly organized with unique boutique private apartments, private dinners with locals, and special hip restaurants in all of the cities we went to. This was not the last time we travelled with Spontago.


Beck Srikoup, micro-group travel to Oktoberfest, Munich, Vienna, Budapest in 2014

Besides what to expect from a city trip in Milan, a night at Scala Theater was included in the itinerary. They are good in planning and considering preferences. I love travelling with them. It is such an ease and pleasure.

Umit Aktug, micro-group travel, Milan, Lake Garda, Lago Magiorre in 2018

I felt very comfortable traveling with such a guide that ensured the best experiences and the most convenient options at all times during our trip. 


Basak Maraslioglu, 2017, micro-group travel, Riga & Vilnius in 2017

The complete itinerary was built as per our likings and preferences of the places, which really left us with unforgettable memories of Istanbul.

Navdeep Lamda, family trip to Istanbul in 2018

My trip to Baden-Baden [Germany] in 2013 with Spontago Travel Personal Guide is still one of my favorites.​

Visiting the area with a local guide, 5 days anything personalized, flexible to my likings was complete privilege.


Umit Aktug, micro-group travel to Baden-Baden, Strasbourg, Metzingen in 2013